Who was Christopher Gist?

Sally’s and my latest book is about the remarkable frontiersman Christopher Gist. Gist was born about 1705 and died of smallpox in 1759. Yet, during his fifty-four year life, his accomplishments are prodigious.

Christopher Gist is a truly great American hero who unfortunately has largely gone unnoticed by historians. He is recognized for giving colonists the first detailed description of the Ohio Country, Kentucky, and West Virginia. In fact he explored Kentucky almost twenty years before Daniel Boone set foot in the territory, and explored Ohio before men like George Rogers Clark and Simon Kenton were even born.

Gist was a close friend of George Washington whom he met through both of their affiliation with the Ohio Company. In 1753, Gist accompanied the young Colonel Washington on an arduous trek through the western Pennsylvania wilderness in the dead of winter to deliver a message to the French commander on the upper Allegheny River. Gist had a profound impact on Washington and saved the future president’s life on at least two occasions during their mission.
Despite Gist’s impressive achievements, historians have largely overlooked him. This book aims to compensate for Gist’s insufficient recognition by showcasing his remarkable accomplishments to readers. From Gist’s early life to his frontier exploration and military service, this biography extensively details the life of a prolific early American explorer.

Our book is available for preorder from our publisher McFarland & Co. and will soon be available in print or eBook from your favorite book seller.