The Fort Cumberland Spy: A Tale of the French and Indian War

1755 was a year of turmoil.  The French and Indian War began in earnest when the ill-fated army of Major General Edward Braddock was all but destroyed at the bloody Battle of the Monongahela.  The shattered survivors painfully struggled back over the hundred-mile retreat to Fort Cumberland, which was the only military post standing in the way of a French and Indian invasion of the Middle Atlantic colonies.  Young Virginia ranger, Lieutenant Tobias “Toby” Herborn, recovering from battle wounds at Fort Cumberland, finds himself involved in the search for a cabal of spies led by a ruthless and cold-blooded murderer operating from within the wall of the fort.  As Herborn closes in on the wily ringleader, he discovers that the spy is also stalking him, and the two become entangled in a cat and mouse struggle where only one of them will survive.  Aided by his adopted Lenape brother Andhanni, and two beautiful young nuns who are working at the fort as nurses, Herborn begins to unravel the mystery only to learn that many of the things he believed are not as they appeared, and the plot is much darker than he imagined.  The scope of the story is centered at Fort Cumberland and present Cumberland, Maryland, western Pennsylvania to the Forks of the Ohio at present Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Williamsburg, Virginia.

The book is illustrated by the authors. Explanatory footnotes and maps are included for those readers who may not be familiar with 18th century terms, events, locations, or historical characters.

Publisher: Tales From America’s Past

Publication Date: 2020

ISBN 979-8-6803-4783-6

Key words:

  1. Historical Fiction – French and Indian War – Fort Cumberland
  2. Colonial Period of the U.S.
  3. Pennsylvania History – Virginia History